Why am I writing a sequel to Alone?

Alone 2?

For the past 18 months, I have been working (struggling, hyperventilating, became a chronic insomniac in the process) on a new manuscript, a sequel to Alone.

My debut thriller was released in October of 2020 (the English translation will be published in July of this year, 2023) and the Dutch version of the sequel will be released October this year. So today, I thought it might be a good day to weigh the pros and cons of writing a sequel instead of a new stand-alone.

Yes, I’m aware I should have done this 18 months ago because you could say when you’re an author with bestseller ambitions (which, let’s be real, every author is), this is a life-changing decision.

But here we are, so let’s dive in!

Pros of Writing a Sequel to Alone

The first and biggest pro is, of course, you! I’m guessing that readers who enjoyed Alone will be eager to read what happens next after the dramatic climax in the story. I’m hoping this will lead to increased book sales and a wider readership. Even if being a writer is far from lucrative, a girl can dream.

The second biggest pro is for me, namely: I get to dive deeper into the characters that were created in the first book. What happened to Tom and his baby girl? Was Oscar ever punished for what he did? And that journalist, Pieter De Saegher, what became of him? I can add depth and complexity to the story, as well as provide you, readers, with a more immersive experience.

My third pro: writing a sequel can be a fun and rewarding experience for an author (as well as an excruciating and frustrating one).

Honestly! It allows for the continuation of a story that you are passionate about and can provide a way to give closure to loose ends in the first book. It’s like getting back together with an old flame and reigniting that spark 😄

Cons of Writing a Sequel

On the other hand, there are also several potential drawbacks to writing a sequel to “Alone.” One of the biggest concerns for me is the pressure to live up to the success of the first book. What if the sequel does not meet your expectations? With Alone, nobody had any expectations, but now… No pressure, right?

Another potential issue is the risk of becoming too reliant on the existing characters, which could lead to a lack of creativity and originality. It’s like trying to come up with a new joke after you’ve already told all your best ones. Lucky for you, I didn’t fall into that trap, as the characters in the sequel (yes I know, I haven’t told you the title yet) are very different to those in Alone. How? Well… you’ll have to read it to find out 😁

Finally, writing a sequel can be a draining and difficult process. It requires a significant amount of planning and organization, as do all books, and can be emotionally draining for the author. It’s like running a marathon in the same street, over and over again.


Like I said, it’s too late now to change my mind: What’s done is done, and the first draft of the sequel lies on my publisher’s desk as we speak. I originally never intended to continue the story of Julie and Oscar, but you guys were overwhelming in your appeals. You wanted more, and more is what you will get. Coming to every bookstore this fall…

By the way, if you speak Dutch you can subscribe to the waitlist via this link and be the first to know all the details about this new thriller.


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