Oh I see it’s been a while again, sorry! Here’s what happened the last few days:

First of all, I met a fellow Herbalifer right on the camping!

This is of course a happy coincidence, and Rogério turned out to be an incredible nice guy too 😊 he got A and me some roasted chestnuts on November the 11th, which is a holiday.

That night, M got back from Belgium and we took of on Sunday, direction south.

Our first stop at the lagoa de Albufeira was already amazing, with our feet in the dunes!

On our beach walk, we saw a strange movement in the sea, unfortunately it turned out to be a dead dolphin 😥

We had a wonderful night at this place and moved on the next day along the coastline to another lovely beach where we spent the night.

And then yesterday we found this beautiful place:

We were more than happy to spend the night on the parking, here you can see the view from my window while I was making dinner (sunset)

We always park close to street lanterns, for safety reasons and for the energy it releases to our solar panel. We did that now too, but after the sun had set, the lantern stayed dark and so did the parking lot. Really really dark. We were a little bit uncomfortable with that, but told ourselves it was no problem.

Then, just when we wanted to go to sleep, a car drove up, RIGHT NEXT TO US.  You have to realize that we were in a really BIG parking with NO other cars around. Would you park right next to a camper?

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Then, we heard 4 guys get out and start talking really loud. As it was so dark, we could only see their cigarettes light up. You hear crazy scary stories about people getting robbed on dark remote parkings all the time, so we felt really vulnerable and wanted to leave. But to keep your camper leveled, you put in on blocks and when you leave you first need to drive off your blocks and then put them in the trunk… Michael was the driver, so I would have to get out in the dark with the car and the guys… aaaah!!!

We also had the wetsuits still hanging outside on the rearview mirrors 😜

So, we came up with this plan: Michael would start the engine (we would be able to see more then, thanks to the headlights), we would open the windows and quickly pull the wetsuits inside. If this went well, we would drive off the blocks and manœuvre so that our headlights would shine on the car and then quickly take the blocks and go.

That was the plan.

It was a good plan.

So we started the engine, opened the windows and pulled the wetsuits in.

And then the guys jumped in their car and took off 😬

I guess we spooked them even more than they did us 😜

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