It’s getting warmer and the waves are getting bigger…

Here are some pics of the last days:

One night we stayed at this lighthouse and only in the morning did we find out that there were goats walking right above our heads on the moutain. We found a biiiiig rock just a few meters from our camper and quickly moved away from the mountain 😬

We drove back to the beach and had a lovely warm day there amongst a lot of surfers 

By the way: this is how you spot a surfers beach:

See the stickers? Underneath them is the word Praia which means beach

When you park in the wild, you need to refill your water tank and empty your toilet every 2 days, this is what that looks like, just so you know 😜

We figured we travelled already long enough along the route to Santiago de Compostela so we might just as well go there too

What a circus that is… 😱 (sorry no intention of offending anyone) they even sell stuffed Saint Jacobs

But also this (oh irony): a book with the lyrics of Imagine and guess what it says:

Yes my friends, you can buy this book in the cathedral shop 😂

But the best moment of this trip till now was just 1 hour ago when we were walking down the beach to enjoy the (again, sorry) beautiful sunset


By the way, this is our spot (Yes, for free)

We stumbled upon this little bench and decided to take a moment before getting back to the camper

Grazas pola vida means Thank you for this Life in Galician

I enlightened the picture to be able to read what’s on the bench, but in reality the sun had already set and it was getting quite dark.

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And then…

Right in front of us… dolphins!!

We got a few minutes of totally private show of wild dolphins playing and jumping, for Amélie it was the first time ever to see this… it was amazing.

So Yes, Thank you for this Life ❤️

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  1. Wel ik vond die kathedraal wel impressionant met al die bedevaarders wandelaars in hun plunje en hun miserie en hun blijdschap dat ze er geraakt waren..ik geef toe dat dat ongeveer 20 jaar geleden is, misschien net voor de toerisme hysterie🤔

    1. Ja die pelgrims met hun rugzakken en hun selfies zijn zeker charmant, maar het circus daarrond met alle manieren om geld te verdienen… en dan die lange rij die aanschuift ‘to embrace the apostel’ 😱

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