The epic search for chemical toilet fluid

One of the awesome things about a camper is that there is a chemical toilet in it. Praise the Lord! By the word ‘chemical’ you might have deducted that there is a chemical substance involved to function properly, a chemical fluid to be more specific. When we started our trip in September we had a supply with us, no problem. But what do you do when you run out of that stuff? Where do you buy that??
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The benefits of Caffeine

Answer quickly … what is caffeine used for?

More than likely, the answer was something along the lines of “getting me out of bed in the morning.” It’s normal for most people to start their day with a cup of coffee or tea, two very common sources of caffeine. Some people turn to energy drinks for a midday jolt of caffeine to get them through the afternoon. Students often use coffee to stay awake longer to study for exams. Others might like a cup of tea after a big meal to combat sleepiness. For most of us, this energy boost is why we use caffeine.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are other ways to incorporate caffeine into a healthy diet. The quick stimulant benefit of caffeine is only part of the story. In addition to a feeling of energy, caffeine stimulation brings with it thermogenic benefits.

Thermogenesis is a process our bodies use to produce heat, and this process requires calories. When you consume caffeine in the proper quantities, it can assist this process and create a temporary boost to your metabolism, helping you burn a few more calories.

Caffeine also works upon your nervous system directly, causing heightened alertness. This stimulation may also cause an increased ability to focus, although this benefit has been studied in young adults and is not certain for all consumers. A little bit of caffeine before visiting the gym or aerobic dance class may make these types of exercise seem easier to some people.

You can find caffeine in a number of coffee beverages of course, and in foods like chocolate. And because caffeine may boost metabolism and help with exercise, many dietary supplements also contain caffeine.

Both green and black tea contain caffeine. Tea can also supply antioxidant botanical subcomponents, making it a great way to get a dose of caffeine.

Of course, like anything else, the rule of moderation applies. Pay attention to your body’s reaction to caffeine, for tolerances can vary from person to person. Be aware of the possible, unpleasant side effects that come with too much caffeine, and adjust your intake accordingly.

Generally speaking, for normal, healthy individuals without a caffeine tolerance concern, a good intake is at or under 300 mg a day, which works out to roughly three cups of regular coffee. This allows you to still get the benefits of caffeine while avoiding that jittery, overcaffeinated feeling.

There is a place for caffeine in your diet and it’s important to find that place and enjoy the benefits that can come with it.

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De oceaan

How can something be so beautiful and so deadly at the same time? The ocean shows her best side here, with ferocious waves and white foamheads rising high up in the air, where they seem to stand still for a moment, then toss themselves down with a languid movement under a loud roar. Just beautiful! But also dangerous. Yesterday and today were already good surfing days for my two water rats, and I always watch with a scared heart how they courageously hold out in that big ocean.

Today the weather was so good that I lay down on the beach in my bikini, delicious. We could not get enough of it and went back to the beach in the evening with a fresh beer, just to watch the waves.

Watch this little video to enjoy the waves with us.

Afterwards I got a visit from a ladybug that did not want to leave.

X Barbara

Fit nieuws – Gewicht vs. spiermassa: Wat is belangrijker?

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Leuk nieuws! Vanaf nu krijg je eenmaal per week van mij een artikeltje over voeding/gezondheid vanuit mijn ervaring als coach, joepie! Deze week hebben we het over die verrekte weegschaal. Hoe vaak weeg jij jezelf? Fluctueert het getal op de weegschaal zo vaak dat je teleurgesteld bent over je vooruitgang? Je gewicht heeft alles te maken met hoeveel vet en spiermassa je in je lichaam hebt en de media laten ons vaak denken dat een lager gewicht (BMI) beter voor ons is, wat impliceert dat hoe minder je weegt, hoe gezonder je bent, zoals dit beeld laat zien:

gewicht versus spieren

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Netflix kijken op het Vliegtuig

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Ik neem wel eens een vliegtuig om van A naar B te geraken, Vroeger vond ik vliegen kei leuk, maar nu niet meer. Nu wil ik gewoon zo snel mogelijk op mijn bestemming zijn. Maar ja, soms is er niet echt een andere optie, zoals toen ik onlangs naar LA ging. Dat is meteen een joekel van een vlucht, maar liefst 11u lang hing ik hoog boven de wolken.  Continue reading “Netflix kijken op het Vliegtuig”