Before you tell me that you just looooove the feeling of having a real book in your hands that smells of paper: I do too!!! But there are other things you should consider if those books don’t come from a library. You’ll save lots of money and while doing so you’ll save the environment as wel.


Saving Trees

First of all, let me tell you that in the USA alone (I didn’t find numbers for other regions) in¬†one year, 2 billion books are produced. To print these books requires taking down 32 million trees for the paper alone! That’s a lot, don’t you think?

Minimizing Pollution

But is doesn’t stop there, if you are like me and you have this insatiable hunger for books, then you might also take these costs in consideration:

  • the amount of energy used in book production
  • the packaging materials used, and all the energy and cash costs associated with those materials
  • the fuel used for transporting paper books: from the printing company to the warehouse, and then from the warehouse to the store or the customer
  • the energy, cash costs, and pollution required to dispose of books

Saving Money

Books aren’t cheap, if you read a lot it’s very expensive to buy paper books. The average paper book costs about 20 dollars/euro’s, the average e-book costs only 5 euro’s. That’s a discount of 75%!

What if you still want to read paper books?

To reduce the amount of paper books being printed (and often wasted) you can:

  • Go to the library
  • Join a book club where you exchange books
  • Buy second hand books
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But seriously, you should buy an e-reader. Not only because of everything I just summed up in the above points, but also because:

  • When you travel, you travel light. You can go camping for weeks and only have one e-reader with you, with 1000 books on it.
  • It’s super fast. When someone recommends me a book, I want to start reading NOW. So I just download it, make myself a cup of tea and start reading. The same goes when you are reading a series: no need to wait for the next book, you can binge read now!
  • When you like to read in bed, you have no more difficulties turning the pages while laying on your side and changing position all the time. My Kindle supports itself, super handy!

What e-reader should you choose?

Well, that’s not up to me to decide, but I have a Kindle for me and a Kobo for my daughter and both are great. If you read a lot in English though, I strongly suggest a Kindle because you can ¬†download from Amazon then. If you read mostly Dutch like mu daughter, a Kobo is better because you can download books from on it.

It’s not possible to download books from to Kindle directly! But I have a little trick for that which I’ll explain in another article, if you’re interested.

So tell me, do you have an e-reader? Why? Why not? Let me know!

X Lazy Bird


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