Although the weather is not entirely favorable, we still experience top times here in Portugal. Here an overview of our last days!

After the camping we drove through to Sines, a super surf spot and a great view from our camper.


We stayed there for two nights and then we moved further along the southwest coast with stops such as these:


And this beautiful place where we also stayed for a night.IMG_0162.JPG


Just super! Except for the weather ๐Ÿ™‚

We discovered the Hawaii of Portugal here:


Unbelievable waves, and insanely many surfers. Somewhat too busy for us, so we moved on to Carrapateira, one of the most beautiful places in the Algarve.


Then to Sagres, the most south-western point of Europe, then to Luz with its chic beaches and villas.


And now we are in Silves, the ‘cultural heart’ of the Algarve. We visited the castle from the 13th century and of course the archaeological museum.



Amelie did some tricks (she is on top of the ‘E’ of Silves).

Silves (and the rest of the Algarve too) is forgiven from storks, yesterday we saw that they also have chicks.

We have stayed at a camper park in Silves and to our great fun there is Wi-Fi here, so we have been able to work on our many ‘projects’, yes!

We will leave here in a few hours. Destination? Unknown!

X Barbara

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