So here’s what happened since we saw the dolphins in Sanxenxo, Galicia:

Michael needs to be in Belgium to perform with ‘de Improfeten’ on Wednesday so we headed for Porto where he would get on a plane to Brussels on Tuesday. The plan was that I would stay on a camping with Amélie till he got back. 

We arrived on the camping on Saturday

And although we had a good spot, we decided this wasn’t a good place for us to stay, as the weather was quickly turning (due to the storm currently heading for the U.K.) and there was not much to do for 1 week. 

So, we decided on Sunday to move on, drive in the direction of Lisbon and camp in the wild on the way there.

As we were driving, we noticed smoke in the distance and at a certain point we started to smell it in our camper too.

 The wind was very strong and it was hard to drive for Michael, but he didn’t trust the smoke and made the call to drive all the way to Lisbon without stopping.

Only this morning did we find out how bad the situation really was and still is.

We are in a safe zone now, but things like these make you wonder…

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