We had a great day! We started with some math exercises and then got on the bus for 30 minutes (I feel every little bone in my back now, the Portuguese bus drivers are a special breed…) to go to the famous Oceanária of Lisbon 

A special thank you goes to this octopus, check it out till the end!

​Then we had some fun on a funicular (cable transport) and in a waterfall

And we discovered the shops of Lissabon 😜

After we Ubered back to the camping, Amélie volunteered to do some more math 😱😱😱 yes I was shocked too!!! And now, after diner, she is reading her Dutch Language book, for fun… 

We must be doing something right here… ❤️

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  1. Zo ik ben terug mee. Mijn PC scherm had schijnbaar de geest gegeven. Maar nu is het terug springlevend tot verbazing van de pc-dokter en mij . Groot raadsel.

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