We spent 2 nights at a surf spot in Sao Torpes where Michael could rent a board. We had great views and great weather, but the smell of the oil refinery was a bit too much so we left. 

But not before father and daughter surfed together!

Going further south there are fewer places where you are allowed to spend the night, but we found a beautiful place next to a river. The only problem is that you have to cross the river to go to the beach, but hey no problem 😉

There are maybe 8 other campers and vans here, so it almost looks and feels like a camping. Our neighbors were a young couple, Alex and Anastasia, and on their van was written Pro haircut Free price…

Well… I was already complaining for weeks about my hair, and I am going to Lisbon in 1 week for a big meeting, so I knew I had to go to a city and get my hair fixed but I sooooo did NOT want to go through all that hassle. And there she was: a professional hairdresser next to my camper! So 10 minutes later:

And today also this happened

And then Alex went fishing and they shared the octopus he caught with us

So sweet!!! They left this evening but apparently we are traveling to the same place so we’ll probably meet again 😃

Anyway, in the meantime Amélie made this incredible welcome sign ❤️

She put it right next to the door herself 😍

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