The last few days in Sagres were all about Michael finally finding a board that fits his uhm… grandiose body 😜
So Thursday we went to a lot of surf shops and they ALL had a different view on what kind of board a man of his ‘stature’ should have πŸ™„ We did a little tour and went as far as Luz, where I filmed the special weather conditions that day 😱


The most positive thing that day was that we Ran into Alex and Anastasia (the hairdresser) AGAIN πŸ˜‚

We were so beat that we decided to stay in Luz for the night on a nice parking, together with a Swedish couple in a camper. The view was amazing: my dream house!!

What do you think?? Pretty nice huh, with sea view and all 😜

The day after we headed back to Sagres and visited one last surf shop and…

Yes!!!! Found the perfect board!! So today we drove up to Sines where the waves are perfect for beginners and yes ladies and gentleman: the board and the man fit perfectly together 

We have a happy man in the house 😊

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