Yes, we are still in Peniche 😜 there are so many beaches here that it hasn’t been boring yet, so…

Yesterday was a bit cloudy so we decided to do a little trip to Óbidos, a beautiful medieval town.

We had lunch there but unfortunately had to wait very long for our food and were molested by flies, this was Michael’s brilliant solution to that

We heard singing and went inside this small church, where the village people had come together for the mass (of all saints I suppose…?) and they sang together so beautifully that I couldn’t help shedding a tear 😍

Also worth your while is this amazing bookstore, my kind of shop!!!

When we returned to Peniche we did some shopping in the surf shops (yes, I have new flip flops!) and got offered some Halloween candy in one of them. 

30 seconds later Amélie shocked all of us with a mouth full of blood and a tooth stuck in a caramel, now that’s what I call Halloween worthy 😂😂😂

So she lost 2 teeth already on this trip, hopefully she’ll have some left when we return…

Oh yeah, by the way, this was last night’s sunset 😜

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