Although Honfleur was beautiful we left yesterday and decided to drive further south so that we could keep up with the good weather. Of al places, we ended up in the Mont Saint Michel area where found an AMAZING spot offroad next to a meadow with sheep. As you can see, the view was absolutely STUNNING!

Michael and Amélie did some exercising 🙂

And Amélie created some new art…

This morning we took out our bikes and rode to the Mont itself:

We also visited the 4 museums so our day was filled 🙂

After this visit we went back on the road and entered ‘Bretagne’ so of course this was our view during the 3h drive:

Rain 🌨😬

But all is well, we arrived at our very first France Passion stop at a Cactus Farmer (!?) 15 min from Brest. It is very quiet and peaceful here.

Tomorrow we will explore Brest, GOOD night!!!

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