Full day yesterday! 

First, we went on a hunt for gas, very important! Our 2nd and last bottle was now only running on fumes, and we were a little bit nervous because we have a Belgian system which is not compatible with the Portuguese gas bottles… so first we went to a camping for some advice and they sent us to a small shop that had a really complicated solution 😱 luckily they sent us to another shop and there we found what was needed + we got some assistance in changing the system, thank you Repsol!

Now that we were sure our fridge would keep functioning it was time to head to the beach and try the new board of course, 

But first… a lesson in waxing!

And then she was good to go πŸ‘

This board is smaller than the first one, so more difficult of course, but she nailed it πŸ™‚ this was one of the first attempts:


Yup, it takes a lot of practice!

But then, last night while having dinner in our camper, a police car started circling around us… so we were worried that maybe we couldn’t stay there or we did something wrong maybe… the police officer was this young macho athletic guy and he got out of his car and came right at us, so Michael got out of the camper to find out what was wrong.

“You speak Portuguese?” the guy asked, but in this really macho way some (not all 😜) police officers talk.

“No, sorry!”



“So… where are the numbers??” (He pointed at our licence plate)

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“There are no numbers, this is the combination”, Michael replied.

“No, where are the numbers!!??” (He wasn’t convinced…)

“Really, this is our plate, you can check on the back, it’s the same!”

“Yeah I checked the back, there are no numbers!!!”

And then Michael explained to the guy that in Belgium you can choose a combination if you pay extra and that we did just that and chose:

And the police officer started laughing and he said “I can’t believe it!” And then he took of, still laughing and shaking his head, while looking at the plate.

As did we.


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