We started out so good! We had the best night ever on our spot next to the ocean: slept like babies to wake up with the most beautiful weather and so we explored our surroundings with a stunning bike ride:

We had just decided to drive the camper to Île de Ré and where almost ready to start driving, when Amélie fell over doing one of her handstands and twisted her wrist badly. Really badly. 

We immediately put ice on it (yes, we have a freezer with an ice pack in it, how well prepared!) but she was in a lot of pain 🙁

So instead of driving to the camping on Île de Ré, we drove to the hospital there, only to be turned away again because they didn’t do emergencies and wanted us to see a doctor first, one that we had to find ourselves…  after just a little bit of stubborn insisting, the lady of the reception told us there was a radiologist not too far away and that maybe they would help us. So off we went again, this time with more luck:

We could go in immediately to have some x rays taken and after a few minutes of agony the good news was NO FRACTURE yes!!!
So now we are on our new spot, realizing how quickly everything could have changed. With a little more ice packs and some rest, Amélie will be as good as new in a day or 2, so we will take it easy here but I guess that’s ok 😉 

See for yourself:

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