We never stayed this long in one spot, we enjoy the beach with the body boards or we rent a surfboard, 

Yes this is ME actually

We drive our camper to the service spot at the Intermarché (which is free, Thank you Intermarché!!) to refill the water and clean the toilet etc, and then we just drive back to our spot at the beach 🙂

But yesterday (friday) I suggested it was time to move on and maybe we should go to a camping for the weekend, to do some laundry etc.

So on a perfect surf day with 27 degrees C, we drove for over an hour via the beautiful coastline, 

Only to find out that the camping was next to a beach that was 

A) too far

B) too dangerous, with rocks all over


As this was really not our thing, we decided to check out Santa Cruz

Which was really beautiful! But the surf school was closed so no chance of renting a board for Amélie…

It was there that we decided to just head back to Peniche 😬

But with a little detour.. 

Yes, Decathlon is doing great business as long as we’re around 😂

It was such a great feeling last night when we finally got back to our spot, we all felt like coming home, which is really odd (it’s just a parking) and today (Saturday) Amélie is ready to test out the new board… to be continued! 🏄

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