We woke up in Ondres and found this beautiful initiative:

Fill this bucket with trash you find while having a walk on the beach. So we did.

As you can see, the weather wasn’t too good so we took off and headed for Biarritz 

We spotted exactly one (1) surfer 😎 but that’s ok, we had lunch with views on the ocean and that’s always a good thing! We wanted to drive through this beautiful mountain road with amazing views, but hélas we got this:

Driving through clouds doesn’t give the best views… we skipped the spot we had planned to stay at (because we couldn’t see sh**) and decided to drive on to San Sebastián: best decision ever!!

This town has so much to offer: beautiful waves for the surfers, an old town to get lost in, shopping areas, mountains, monasteries, palaces, parcs… we went to the San Telmo museum and had lunch in the parte vieja.

Tomorrow we head off again, don’t know where we’ll end up but the weather will be good 🙂

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