So…what have we been up to since the last post?!

First of all, we had to catch up on some school work, so Friday and Saturday were mostly that.

Which resulted in this

Then Michael came ‘home’ Saturday night (yay!) and we took him to see Belém on Sunday, to visit the modern art museum

When we had a drink afterwards on a nice terrace next to the river, 

(Yes. A. is sniffing my beer when I’m not watching), Michael accidentally threw his beer all over me because supposedly there was a fly on my shoulder 😬 this was what M and A looked like when I got back from the toilet (cleaning up my jeans)

Scared as hell, as they should be…

Before we could get in an Uber, my pants had to be dry so we walked to the beautiful Torre de Belém

But enough about Lisbon! We are in such a great place now: Peniche!

Our friend Carry tipped us about a surf contest here, so we left Lisbon on Monday to check it out. We found ourselves a nice free spot again, right on the beach, thanks to the app Park4night (we owe this app a lot!)

And on Tuesday we had a lot of fun with the MEO Rip Curl contest 



But today was the very best, because finally Amélie could try it herself 🏄

We rented a board for her and she really nailed it

So now we are back in our camper, all glowing and happy with this great day and curious about what tomorrow will bring, one thing is for sure: we sure DID flip flop our daughters life 😉

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Notice the flip flops on our hats 😜

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  1. Geweldig! Fantastisch! De zotte gezichten, de flipflops op de petjes, de mooie omgeving, het bier dat in het rondvliegt, Amelie Ocean Lilly die haar naam alle eer aan doet … super!! Maar eum … WasmetdieharenvanM ??? Wit??? Aaaaggghhh!!!

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