De epische zoektocht naar vloeistof voor het chemisch toilet

Eén van de lollige dingen aan een camper is dat er een chemisch toilet in zit. Praise the Lord! Nu hoor je aan het woord ‘chemisch’ dat er dus een substantie aan te pas komt om dit toilet goed te doen functioneren, een chemische vloeistof meer bepaald. Toen we onze trip startten in september hadden we natuurlijk een voorraadje mee, geen probleem. Maar wat doe je als dat spul op geraakt? Waar koop je dat?? Ga verder met “De epische zoektocht naar vloeistof voor het chemisch toilet” lezen

Our last night in the camper 😥

I was so sad to leave Peniche this morning, but we had to head in the direction of Lisbon again. We had some beautiful last days though…

Now we are at the camping, cleaning the camper and washing all the clothes and towels so that we can leave our little home in good condition here in Lisbon for a few week…

So this is the (for now) last night in our mobile bed…


Weather report: cold but sunny

The wonderful thing about Peniche and Baleal is that you have beaches in different directions, which creates different options for surfers.

Michael and Amélie got in the water immediately on Friday, but they discovered that the temperature is not quite the same as when we were here a few weeks ago and they froze their feet off 😬

This called for a solution of course:

And then they were good to go 👍

To be honest, it IS getting colder now, around 15 degrees during the day. In the sun it’s still amazing, but after sunset it gets cold very quickly. For the very first time I made myself a cup of tea tonight!

I refuse to put on the heater 💪

Here some more pictures of the last days:

Home sweet home ;)

Ok, not really, but it FEELS like home this camper of us 😊

After 4 great days of trainings and beautiful dinners and parties, downsizing was not as hard as I thought it would be.

On the contrary! It felt good to have my little tribe with me and hit the road again.


We decided to go back to Peniche, the place we liked the most so far in Portugal. We will spend our last week here before the first leg of our trip comes to an end and we fly back to Belgium for the holidays…