We reached the most southern point of our west coast trip from Belgium through France, Spain and Portugal! I am writing this from Sagres, and although this is not the end of our trip, it IS the most southern point we will reach before heading back to Belgium for the Christmas holiday.

But let me tell you about the last 3 days first 😊

We decided to go to a camping for a good shower and for some of this of course:

You can’t believe how happy clean clothes and sheets can make me nowadays!! We had a really good spot and the weather was amazing.

I was sure we would have a great night there, but that was not the case… it started with Amélie, who started talking in her sleep at 1.30 am 😳 Then, at 5 am a heavy wind started blowing, and our canopy started flapping (if that’s a word). So Michael got up in the dark to close it. He got out of the camper and wanted to put on his slippers of course, but he came back in immediately:

 “I only have one slipper!” 

Now, there was almost nobody else on the camping, and slippers don’t walk off by themselves, so… wtf? I got out of bed myself to see if he was not mistaken, and only then we discovered that one of MY flip flops was missing too!!! My brand new flip flops!!!! Only Amélie still had a pair waiting for her… what a drama!

When you are all alone in your camper surrounded by trees and stars, weird things like disappearing flip flops can really get under your skin. You see images of scruffy men crawling around your camper and sniffing your stuff, so after a while Michael got out of bed again and jumped on his bike to look for the missing flip flops.

READ  Culture shock 😊

He came back empty handed.

Then he talked to the receptionist who confirmed that stray dogs can freely walk in and out of the camping and probably it had been one of them who took our beloved foot protection. So he jumped on his bike again and headed out of the camping to look on the road. He was gone for 1 hour… came back empty handed.

After lunch Amélie and Michael started looking again, on foot this time. 


In the meantime I had washed the sheets and they were drying on the line, and because of the wind one of them had fallen of. So M and A picked it up and hung it back on the line… and there, right where we had been walking past like a million times, was MY flip flop!!! The joy!!! The happiness!!!! 

But also: the “huh???” And the “now we’ll find the other too for sure!”

Hélas we didn’t. 

After the camping we drove to Praia da Bordeira at Carrapateira, honestly one of the most beautiful beaches we saw so far.

Look whose van we saw there:

Yep, my hairdresser’s 😜

Some more views:

See the rainbow?

And then we moved on to Sagres, where we are now. We visited the light house, this is just a small part of the 5 meters tall lamp:

Michael was so impressed by its height that he mysteriously shrunk to the size of a toddler.

Suits him, don’t you think?


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