We started our journey last saturday and almost didn’t because we finished so late with preparing that Michael suggested we postpone for a day 😬😱 which was non negotiable of course… we ended up waving goodbye after 6pm and I really had to convince my driver to get going. He was so tired and hungry that we only made it to:

Yes, that’s hilarious when you say you will be heading out for a trip round Europe 😃 but seriously, we had an amazing time at this restaurant Kom Iel Foo and I had the most wonderful birthday diner, really!

After diner we tried out our camper apps and found a free camper spot nearby in Aartrijke (thank you!!!)

Michael tried to shower the next morning and that’s when we found out we forgot to fill our water tank 😜

Anyway, we started driving and stopped for lunch in Dunkirk with beach views but cold weather

And then headed for cap le blanc nez where we found a little camping and saw an amazing sunset

After a good night’s rest we headed for Le Crotoy which is only 100km’s further south but we managed to do this in 4 hours via the beach road

But it was worth it.

Now we are staying at a beautiful camping with an indoor pool, a promise we had to keep with Amélie 😎. It is in the area of the baie de somme, which we will explore tomorrow…

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